With more than 15 years of collective experience in data analytics, our experts can help you solve your toughest business problems with the Farabar platform. Whether you are in marketing, finance, operations, real estate, sales, or another department in a wide array of vertical markets, the Farabar Professional Services team will work with your organization to help you use data as a competitive advantage.

No matter your need, Farabar Professional Services is your trusted partner for all your Farabar custom and packaged consulting requirements:

– Jumpstart your new Farabar deployment and get your data analysts up to speed quickly
– Accelerate your ability to tap into the full potential of the Farabar platform
– Learn methodologies, best practices, tips, and techniques from experienced Farabar users
– Expand your existing deployment into new applications across your organization
– Dig deeper into sophisticated analytic capabilities to gain greater insights

Training BI & Analytics

– BI Administration
– Data Warehouse Design & Management
– Data Visualization
– Fact Based Decision-Making
– Data Mining Algorithms & Solutions

BI Program Management

– BI Readiness Assessment
– Developing a BI Roadmap
– BI Maturity Assessment
– Establishing a BICC

Enterprise Data Gathering

– ERD Design
– Form Generation
– Data Flow Design
– Approval Data Flow
– Security Management
– Change Management

EDW Design & Management

– Data Warehouse Design
– Historical Data Design
– Data Cleansing
– Master Data Management
– Change Management

Analytics Implementation

– Predictive/Forecasting Analytics
– Data Mining
– Simulation & Optimization
– What if Scenario – Trend Analysis

Tailor-Made BI

– AD Hoc Query & Reporting
– Data Exploration & Demo Graphic
– Dashboards
– Scoreboards
– BPM (Business Performance Management)